《指向月亮的手》是山浮士多对2021年推出的《was der Fluss sagte》、 《3L》、《3T》、《side EFFECT》四部作品的重新剪辑与再次创作,也是对2021年的记录与纪念。《指向月亮的手》以不同思路与逻辑重新编排与设计从原作中选取的句子,这些长短不一的句子指出了创作者在生活中所遇到的一些问题与困惑以及一点思考与发现,而如果对读者也能有点益处,那这点益处可能来源于创作者对自身生命经验的尊重与面对生活种种困境的诚恳,“不然,就绝不能找到那几句话”。


“ Finger to the Moon” is the re-editing and re-creation of the four works released by scheinflut in 2021, and it is also a record and commemoration of 2021. These sentences of different lengths point out some problems and confusions encountered by the creator in life, as well as some thoughts and discoveries.

The content of each page is relatively independent and related to each other. Each page has a cutting line, which can be torn off and pasted or given to friends, or used as a sticky note to write down your thoughts and feelings in the blank space.